CATS (the musical)

When my mom asked us girls (all on separate occasions) if we wanted to go see Cats tonight, we all responded in the same way–Isn’t that musical kind of weird? And it was kind of weird, but it was good too.  My mama, two sisters, and I saw it at Civic theater here in Akron. The dancing and singing were great, and the acrobatics were amazing! Those were some talented people!

I was completely confused during the first half. During intermission my mom explained to me and Cassie (one of the cats was named Cassandra!) that there’s no real story line, the songs are based on poems about different kinds of cats. I enjoyed the second half much more knowing that!

The most well-known song from this musical is probably “Memory” sung by Grizabella the older, shunned cat.  This production didn’t disappoint when she belted that song out! My favorite number was probably “Mr. Mistoffelees”, a song about a ‘magical’ cat. Really just about a cat who seems to be everywhere at one time and can produce anything out of nothing, there are certainly cats like that. The man playing Mr. Mistoffelees was extremely talented at ballet and just dancing strength in general.

Cats is the second longest running musical, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! 🙂


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