Zane’s Birth

Zane’s 2nd birthday is coming up soon! Only about a month away now! I can hardly believe how fast the time is going, everyone told me it would go fast and it really does!

I’d like to share about his birth even though it was awhile ago. The details may be fuzzy, but what mama forgets the birth of her babies?! 🙂

End of September 2010 my knee dislocated due to about 130 lbs of labrador running into me and knocking me over. I got to ride in the ambulance to Akron General, it wasn’t as exciting as I thought it was going to be. 😉 When there, I asked them to take a pregnancy test before taking x-rays…it was negative. So x-rays were taken, morphine shot was given (yay!), knee popped back into place, and off on crutches I went.

However, I was pregnant! About half way through physical therapy I found out. Thankfully I healed fairly quickly and was able to “enjoy” my pregnancy without worrying about my knee. I had a relatively easy pregnancy. I say “relatively” because I was sick as a dog from about month 2-month 6, then after my morning sickness subsided I was as huge as a whale! BUT baby was healthy and I was healthy, what more can a mama pray for!

I loved seeing my little guy on the ultrasound.  It was so amazing to see his little heart, lungs practicing their breathing, his little fingers and toes were so cute! I was surprised when first told he was a boy, for some odd reason I expected I’d have a girl. Have to say though, having a boy is pretty awesome!

He was measuring pretty big on the ultrasound and since I was high risk, my doctor suggested I be induced about one week before his due date. (Original due date 6/16/10-our wedding anniversary).

Very pregnant me with Z

<–Very pregnant me!

So on the evening of the 9th we made that long drive to the hospital (not in miles, in nerves!). I really had no expectations for the birth. If I got an epidural, fine. If I had to have a c-section, fine. I really just tried to give it all to God and not worry about things I have little control over. Jeremy stayed to see me settled in, then I sent him home to hopefully get a better sleep than I would. I spent the night there to soften my cervix, yuck! I started feeling contractions the next morning around 8am. Pitocin was given around 10am, it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I labored for a while, not exactly sure when the epidural was given but it was heavenly! I remember saying some weird things, something about flying away whenever my blood pressure cuff would squeeze then coming back when it relaxed. Weird, I know, thankfully both Jeremy and my MIL understand.

Jeremy and I slept for a while, then I woke up around 4am on the 11th feeling sick, shaky, and….like I had to poop! The wonderful midwife, Cathy, and the nurse got everything ready for baby! I pushed for about half an hour and at 4:55am my baby boy was laid on my chest! He was much smaller than I thought he would be at a healthy  7 lbs  1 oz and 21.25″ long. He was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. I kissed his slimy little alien head. He looked like a Zane Harrison Grigsby to me! ❤


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