Belle and Penny

They are also known as Pork Chop and Sausage, respectively, when they are bad ūüėČ Belle and Penny are our two beautiful, fun, loving labrador retrievers. Even though they are sisters (same parents, different litters), they are as different as black and white….or in this case, black and yellow.

Belle is my first dog, ever. I grew up with cats, didn’t really like dogs much. Jeremy is allergic to cats and grew up with dogs. About a year after we were married, we decided to look at local shelters. We met with a couple of dogs, but none seemed to “click”…and I really had no idea what I should be looking for or what I was doing. Then we met this cute little brown pup, a mutt of course, but so fun! He was adopted the next day by another family. We were upset we missed out. That same day,¬†Jeremy’s mom saw an ad for labrador puppies in the paper. The best part was, they were on sale! There were only 3 left. Two females, a black and yellow, and one black male. We were interested in a female, and the yellow seemed to be more playful, so we picked her. Our little discount puppy! We named her Belle after the main character in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

I don’t remember much of raising Belle, besides the fact that I had no idea what I was doing.¬†Dogs are way different from cats! ¬†I’ve found they are also way more fun ūüėČ Belle is a more serious dog. She has her playful moments of course, but her overall demeanor is serious. She loves going on walks and eating table scraps (such a typical lab). I think she is the most beautiful dog, we’ve gotten many comments on her when out on walks. She is a highly intelligent dog. She can do many tricks, like put junk mail in our flip-top trash can. She can also squeeze under Zane’s crib to retrieve things like pacifiers, toys, socks, etc. She will be 5 this December, I can hardly believe it! She was my first baby. She still is my baby, just in a different way.

When Belle was about a year old, we decided she needed a playmate. Around the same time, Belle’s mom (real mom, not her adopted mom–me!) had another litter of puppies. The owners contacted us and said if we were interested they would honor the same price as Belle. Yay for another discount puppy! We were interested in a black female this time, there were 2 black females in the litter. Penny (named after one of the puppies in Disney’s 101 Dalmations)¬†was so cute! She was so little and was playing with Jeremy and me. So, we scooped up our little sale pup and came home.

I love this picture of Penny, it truly shows her personality. Penny is such a playful pup. What Belle has in seriousness, Penny¬†has in silliness. She also loves walks and¬†eating (lab!), but is¬†absolutely¬†obsessed with¬†her frisbee.¬†Right now it’s a worn out ring of rubber, but she still loves it. She is¬†a talented dog when it comes to running and¬†catching it. She could literally do it all day long. She is also just so funny, and sometimes bad. She’s not a bad dog, she’s just energetic. She is also a smart pup, just lacks in common sense ūüėČ Jeremy did obedience training with her and told me she was very attentive to his commands. She turned 3 in January.

Belle wasn’t sure about Penny at first. Poor Penny, she so wanted to cuddle with Belle, yet Belle wanted little to do with Penny. Penny was also¬†afraid of Belle, when Belle would come walking over to Penny she would hide.¬†Now, however, they are bestest of friends ūüôā


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