Green-Eyed Monster’s Ugly Head

I have been having a hard time being thankful lately. Why, you ask? I’m not sure. I seem to focus on what others have that we don’t have. Usually I am pretty content, happy even, with whatever the Lord provides.

I know being thankful is very important. The word “thank” and variations of it occur 139 times in 134 verses in the KJV Bible. “Content” or “contentment” occur 17 times in 17 verses. I’ll take a wild guess and say being content and thankful are pretty important to God. One of the signs of the end times is that people are unthankful. (2 Timothy 3:1-5)

It seems like an easy concept. You have what you have, be grateful for what you have. So why is it sometimes so hard?

My husband’s truck was broken into a few nights ago. A huge concrete block lay on the floor on the passenger side. Our GPS and Sirius Radio were stolen. Window needs replaced first though. You feel very violated when things like this happen, knowing someone was in your driveway and looking at your stuff. Did they also look through the windows of our house? If my son’s blinds were up, would they have looked through his window and saw him sleeping? These are scary thoughts, and this event really made me thankful for the things that really matter.

Zane, he is the most awesome little boy. He’s not harmed. He slept safely in his crib and was all smiles the next morning. The love of my life, Jeremy, wasn’t hurt and is taking care of this whole mess. Our labs, Belle and Penny. Oh, those bad dogs didn’t bark! They bark all day at anyone who dares walk within eye-sight of their terrirory (aka our living room window), yet didn’t bark that night! My guess is they didn’t hear it. No matter, they are still here with us. I see signs all the time about dogs that run way or are stolen.

Those are the important things. Then on top of that, there are all the extras! Our nice house, 2 (count it, 2!) vehicles, heat in the winter/AC in the summer, food in the refrigerator, clothes on our backs (and a lot in our closets!), money in our savings account, comfortable furniture, modern appliances, Jeremy’s steady job, our health…the list could go on and on.

How easy it is to give into this world’s attitude. Take the thieves for example, the reason they stole from us was because they were unthankful for what they have (probably anyways). If they were thankful and content, they would have no reason to steal. I’m 99.9% sure they didn’t steal two electronics so they can feed their starving children.

So, next time that green-eyed monster turns his ugly, controlling head…count your blessings. Count them again, and again, and again and praise God for them….or you too may have something stolen as a wake up call. 🙂

Not that green-eyed monster! Poor Mike.


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