I’ve Gone Country

Okay, maybe not, but I have gone country-er. I grew up a city-slicker. I was born in Washington, DC and grew up in a near suburb. DC was about half an hour away (a few hours away with typical traffic 😉 ), I attended a very diverse half English, half Spanish Elementary school. My dreams were to grow up, live in a big city (pft of course!), travel the world, and be a teacher.

How distant that dream is now, definitely not things I want to do. I don’t think I’ll ever be “country”. I enjoy my little house, which is also in a suburb (though a suburb of a much smaller “big” city). I enjoy having modern technology, like the internet, TV, cell phones, etc. I enjoy indoor plumbing! 😉 I enjoy being close to stores, and close to people! I don’t think I could be a farmer wife. My life as a machinist wife is great though. 🙂 It is fairly simple, simple was never a word in my vocabulary. Simple was boring, I wanted big and flashy. Simple, however, is not boring! It is great! It is steady, secure, and fun! You learn to appreciate more and laugh at little things.

I always knew I’d stay home when my children were little, but I thought it would be a duty and I’d be waiting for that glorious day I’d get to return back to work. How funny. I have actually never had a career since receiving my bachelors in 2009. If I never have one, that will be fine by me. I am dreading the day I choose to go back to work, whatever work that may be. Financially, I know it will be needed, definitely not a day I look forward to.

I absolutely love being a stay at home wife and mama. I like being a housewife. I like using my new clothes line. Probably not this summer or next summer, but hopefully the summer after that I will plant a little garden in our backyard. This is one area I am definitely not 100% country, I don’t like dirt! I am hoping I will just get over it and work on a garden anyways! I’ve seriously thought about getting chickens for eggs, but am reviewing that thought. 😉

I guess in a nut shell, my life today is a lot more simple and plain than I ever envisioned it…and that is okay by me.


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