Playing Catch Up: Pregnancy weeks 4-8

Since we decided to not tell anyone we were expecting until after my first ultrasound, I have some catching up to do! Actually, I’m writing this before anyone knows (so sneaky!), just so I don’t forget 😉

I was going to hold out until my period was late, that really was my intention! I figured I would be too impatient to wait though. The first day of my scheduled period, I took a test. Totally expecting a negative. Which would be alright, I had 3 more tests in the bathroom pantry I could use next month, or the month after that, etc. I had really prayed for God to open or close my womb, because I didn’t know if we were ready…but He knows. He decided to open it! I got a little plus sign. Oh my! A few hours later I took another, and another, and another. Yes, 4 in total, I’m a weirdo, okay?!? Anyways, all had little plus signs 🙂 Yay!

I decided to wait until Jeremy got home to tell him. I cleaned the bathroom and when he got home said he should go look at it. Which he did, and of course immediately saw the tests (yes all 4 of them 😉 ) on the counter. He said, “What does this mean?” I answered, “I guess it means we’re pregnant!” He was very excited 🙂

Weeks 4-7 were great. I felt just fine, just a touch of heartburn here and there.

Week 8 is when the nausea hit. So far, I am keeping it under control by drinking enormous amounts of water. Going to the bathroom constantly isn’t fun, but it’s better than throwing up! And just trying to eat little bits all day, whatever sounds good at the moment. My “all day sickness” with Zane was horrrrible, so I am really trying to avoid that this time around!

I will probably post this in a week or so, at which point I will be making another update after my ultrasound and after we tell everyone.


One thought on “Playing Catch Up: Pregnancy weeks 4-8

  1. Congrats! And good luck with the sickness, I hated the ‘All day sickness’ as you so aptly named it.

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