Goodbye first trimester!

You will not be missed! What a tiring first couple months. I’ve been so tired lately it’s unbelievable. The nausea comes and goes, lately it’s been hitting me in the evening instead of the morning. Morning sickness is a misleading term, I say we ladies rename it “all day and all night sickness”! 😉 I’ve also heard everything shifts downwards with pregnancies after your first, baby must be sitting on my bladder…again, all day and all night!

I had a check up a few days ago, everything went very well. Baby’s heart beat was 150 bmp. The old wives’ tale says anything above 140 bmp is a girl 😉 so we will see! No complications, I am so excited to meet my new little one!

Our next ultrasound is August 28th, which is at 19 1/2 weeks so we will hopefully be finding out what gender it is! I’ve had the overwhelming feeling the whole pregnancy that it is a girl, which means it is probably a boy 😉 I obviously don’t care either way. We have a girl named picked out but we are drawing blanks on a boy name (either way, not sharing until it’s born!). We have a good idea for a middle name, but we can’t agree on a first name. We’ll think more seriously about it if it does turn out being a boy.


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