Half way there, and it’s a ………!

Girl! 🙂 In case anyone missed it! The old wives’ tales were correct for the most part. I am prepared to be showered with pink frilly clothes! Bring it on! 😛

Phew, I am half way there!  It went by pretty quickly, hopefully I can enjoy the second half a bit more than the first! I never knew I could be so tired without having a newborn. I try hard not to nap during the day, but sometimes it is so tempting!

With our son, we just called everybody to tell them “it’s a boy!” Mostly because I was still sick and I also had lost my voice! Whoops! I wanted to do something fun this time, so we made a baby mystery cake! I made a double layer cake with white icing…then the middle icing was pink! We cut it with my family and my parents-in-law, it was a cute way to tell everyone.


One thought on “Half way there, and it’s a ………!

  1. Congratatulations! Its such a cute way of informing your family!
    When i was pregnant with my son, (we didnt know it was a boy untill his birth as sex detection isnt legal in our country) to inform our famiy about my pregnancy we had icied “Happy Birthday Gramma” on my mums birthday cake!

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