An Experienced Amateur

As the birth of our daughter approaches (very quickly, I may add), the more I’m realizing…..I have no idea what I am doing! Our son is only 2 1/2, but I feel like that newborn stage is so far away. I get the basics: keep the baby alive. My son’s infant stage is such a blur of no sleep, spit up, being overwhelmed.  Now, on top of not knowing what I am doing, I am also raising a toddler! Talk about being overwhelmed!

I’ve heard that raising a baby is like riding a bike. A few years ago I decided to go on a bike ride after several years off. I felt like I was going to die afterwards. Hopefully baby raising goes better… bike_fall


One thought on “An Experienced Amateur

  1. You’ll be surprised at how much comes back to you. Plus, each baby is different so perhaps she won’t have the spit up issues that Zane had. You will be much more comfortable because, even though you don’t remember it, you HAVE done this before! The difficulty will come just in adjusting to having more than one child, especially when you are alone. The good news is, newborns sleep a lot! Will be praying for you!! 🙂

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