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Having Babies {in Opposite World} – My Response

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I read a lot of blogs I agree with, but this particular witty one hit me. Basically, we live in what the author calls “Opposite World”. Pregnancy is seen as a disease, children are seen as a curse, and motherhood is seen as a chore. People, especially older women, say so. Not in so few and direct words though, of course.

With my first, I had PPD. There were many factors that contributed to it. One was Opposite World got to me, and won. “Motherhood is a drag job with no end to the draggy-ness. Only when the children grow up and move out is there any form of relief. You’re stuck for the next 18+ years.” I let Opposite World win…and I regret it. I didn’t believe God when he said children are a reward and fathers who have a quiver full of them are happy men. (Psalm 127:3-5) I didn’t understand why God called them “fruit” of the womb. Fruit is sweet, juicy…something very desirable today, let alone before mass quantities of processed food. Children should be desirable. I believed the World’s twisted view of children over God’s view. Children are so precious to God, He says it is better to drown yourself than to hurt one. (Luke 17:2) The World allows and encourages killing children who have not even entered the outside world yet. Satan is the prince over this current world (Ephesians 2:2), it only makes sense that he would go in the opposite direction of God and that his kingdom would follow suit.

When I was pregnant with my first, my sister-in-law asked me if I wanted to do anything before baby came. I responded “Go to Mexico”. I wanted to go somewhere exciting, as if my fun was quickly coming to an end, as if raising children isn’t fun. Being a clueless almost-mom, I believed Opposite World. Pregnancy is a disease, children are a curse, and motherhood is a chore. Three years and two children later…I really was so very clueless. Opposite World lies to you, do not believe it.children are annoying