To my Grandma

To my Grandma


It’s been a few years since you’ve left us,

yet I still dream of you.

I think of you very often

and miss seeing you.

I remember that last night,

when I said goodbye.

I touched your hand,

they were warm and soft.

I have many memories of you,

all are fond.

I miss how you called me “Emy”

and got me Halloween cards.

You gave what you could,

your love was limitless.

You were one of the few people I felt totally comfortable around,

I never felt a judgmental or critical eye from you.

Zane loves “Buzz Light”,

he plays with him a lot.

You would totally miss our jokes,

and if you caught on you would get snappy.

I wish you could have met Tzeitel,

whose middle name is after you.

You would have been confused by her name,

yet loved her blue eyes.

Sometimes I lay in bed thinking about you,

sometimes I still cry.

I remember when you taught me to make cut-out cookies,

and I remember how they would always taste funky.

When you’d say funny things like “No more candy until you eat your ice cream”,

the best part was, you were being serious.

I wish I had talked to you more,

talked with you more.

I love you, Grandma.

Love, Emy



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