“The Island” and Abortion

“The Island” is a 2006 movie set in the near future about clones created as back up bodies for the super-rich. It’s actually a pretty good movie, I enjoyed watching it. These clones are born as adults from synthetic wombs, complete with umbilical cords, where they develop. During the course of the movie, two clones escape and discover their purpose in life- they were created to be killed. The doctors and scientists realized something is wrong with the newer set of clones, who begin questioning things around them, and orders them all to be terminated.

The adult clones are rounded up and gassed. The “baby” clones are simply cut off from their places of residence: their wombs. A knife was used to cut the womb open, fluid gushed out, and the adult-clone-baby was left to simply die. Sound familiar? There was even a close up of a beating heart at one point. Based on the music, these scenes were meant to stir the audience’s emotion and pull our heart strings. It’s possible this was a pro-life message in the Hollywood film staring Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johannson, though somehow I doubt it. There is, however, an obvious correlation between the two, killing the unborn human clones and killing the unborn human babies. As well as the links between the Jewish Holocaust and gassing the unwanted clones. In fact, the clones were considered less than human, which is why they were so disposable. Even though they had a beating heart (and other organs that were merely there to harvest), brain waves, body features, personalities, thoughts, emotions.

This was a big dilemma in the movie, unfortunately, it’s not much of a dilemma in the world that actually matters. The lives of the clones were fervently fought for, by both clone and non-clone alike, and eventually won. The end scene is all the clones streaming out of the compound with happy, relief-type music playing. The baby clones didn’t make it, and sadly, many baby humans don’t either.

This made me wonder why. Why was that scene meant to be sad? Was it because these helpless developing babies, that would someday become full-functioning adults, with no idea what was going on mercilessly killed? Oh, wait, I meant, helpless developing baby-clones, that would someday become full-functioning adult-clones, with no idea what was going on mercilessly killed? I don’t see much of a difference, do you? Why is one meant to evoke sympathetic emotion while the other deemed a woman’s right? Does it boil down to “out of sight, out of mind”? The plastic wombs in the film were clear, the wombs in a woman have flesh over them. Are we so deceived that if we don’t see something with our own two eyes it doesn’t matter? Both beings had beating hearts, the director made a point of showing one before that particular baby-clone was terminated.

A pro-life message in the pro-choice Hollywood world, hypocritical indeed.

Two main clones with baby clones in background.



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