Hava’s Birth: My Planned Cesearan

We were so excited when we found out we were expecting our third child! It was kind of up in the air if we wanted one, but I guess God said we should!  Then the all-day-and-all-night vomiting set in. Caring for two other children while laying on the couch with a puke-bowl is not an easy task. Poor Zane would run to his room covering his ears whenever I had to throw up, Tzeitel would just watch. Thankfully halfway into my 2nd trimester I was doing much better.

Me at 37 weeks pregnant—> IMG_20160429_2045350

We knew this baby would have to be another C-section, because of how they had to perform Tzeitel’s (classical cuts have a higher risk of uterine rupture, which resulted in Hava being delivered early at 37 weeks). Soon the anxiety about having another surgery crept in. Tzeitel’s was really rough, so I anticipated it being a horrifying experience again. The months rolled on, the nervousness growing as they went. Sometimes I would feel so overwhelmed I would almost cry, other times I felt at peace with this being just something I had to do.  I had seven long months to dwell on the fact that my stomach and uterus were going to be cut open and sewn back shut (again!), whereas with Tzeitel’s I only had a few days to process this reality.

The day finally came, we arrived at the hospital about 6am, things moved pretty quickly and I was in the OR about 8am. Hava Suzanne was born at 8:31am on April 30, 2016 weighing 6lb 5oz and measuring 19.5″ long. They popped her over the curtain for me, she was so skinny and blue! She was adorable, but it really startled me. Our other two babies were chunkier, pinker, and cried more than Hava. It was concerning for me, I kept asking Jeremy and the anesthesiologist if everything was okay because I wasn’t hearing her cry as much as I felt she should have been. The actual C-section wasn’t that bad, I’m kind of glad I built it up in my mind for several months making the reality less traumatizing than I remember it being. Being concerned for my baby girl also helped with that.IMG_20160430_0902431

They wheeled us into recovery where I started nursing. I noticed Hava was trying very hard to breathe (retracting), so she was brought to the NICU. Having a baby in the NICU is one of the worst things a parent can go through, I don’t know how parents cope when their IMG_20160430_1346256babies are there for weeks or months on end. You know nothing about the condition of your baby, you’re separated from your baby, you’re running on just a few hours of sleep and some narcotics, all resulting in a sobbing new mommy. After awhile I visited Hava in the NICU, my spirits were raised when I saw how much pinker she was and her retractions were smaller. She spent about a total of 6 hours there before we were finally reunited.

Nursing had it’s ups and downs in the hospital.  With Hava catching on pretty well at first, followed by about 11 hours of refusing to eat hardly anything. You read that right, 11 hours. I finally had to pump, Jeremy had to cup-feed (which I didn’t know was possible), and the nurses helped her *finally* latch on and eat. Again after that she did very well. There were many tears shed during that night, I’m thankful Jeremy was there to see us through.

Going from 2 to 3 children is a huge adjustment. The last few weeks have been pure chaos between nursing, jealousy, lack of sleep, and just trying to keep up with 3 demanding kiddos. We are so very thankful for each one of them, God has truly blessed us.

We are now a family of 5!! My three precious babies.



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